Plan, plan, plan

Effective planning can cut down on the resourcing needed to execute your digital strategy. To help meet your goals, create and populate a content calendar that outlines what you’re going to say and when.

Spend two hours at the start of the week developing and planning content for the week ahead. Proactive content can be scheduled for peak times, freeing up time during the week for listening, engaging, and monitoring performance on social media. Tools such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Buffer can help with all this.

Your calendar should set out the following each week:

  • Key messages or campaign priorities (volunteer sign-ups, growing the number of supporters, fundraising, etc.)
  • Target audiences for set objectives
  • Channels for reaching those audiences
  • Content to be posted and when (scheduling where appropriate).

Your calendar is subject to sudden change in response to ongoing developments. Planning can help with consistency in style, tone and output, but it is important to be flexible and adapt to opportunities and situations as they arise. The purpose of a content calendar is to help structure your week so you get the most from your resources and meet the aims and objectives in your digital strategy.

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