Amplify Your Message

Social media advertising is an effective way to amplify your message and help get your content seen by more potential supporters.

It can be particularly useful around launches and key announcements, to build momentum and ensure engagement on your campaign’s content and message. You can set and control the parameters: duration, cost per engagement, maximum budget, etc. Depending on the objective, most social media platforms give an approximation of reach, engagements or number of clicks to expect, based on your budget. Even if your financial resources are limited, a little investment in boosting a post on social media can produce high levels of return for your campaign.

Paid advertising allows you to test different content types and messages with different audiences, providing analytics and metrics from which you can glean insight for your campaign. Try to be specific when defining the target audience for your ads – it is better for your campaign to reach the right people than the most people. Experimenting with content types will help you to understand what your audiences find most engaging. If you are spending money to amplify content, it is worth keeping a close eye on how it performs. If certain posts are outperforming others – getting more reach, clicks and engagements – it may be worth re-allocating the budget for the rest of the ad campaign.

Social media advertising, while effective in growing reach, comes with caveats. Trust and authenticity are key factors in the success of campaigns on social media. Audiences generally respond better to organic content, and this is important for the relationship building aspect of engaging with audiences on social media. Therefore consistent organic efforts should be used to engage with current followers and attract new ones.