What is your content strategy?

Engaging, informative, and shareable content that promotes key campaign messages will inspire people to take action. When you create content for your audiences, you are setting the tone of the debate. This will give you a head start in any conversation.

It is important to set a positive, constructive tone that will reflect well on your campaign or organisation. Your content strategy should therefore involve creating ample content that target audiences will adopt and share, so that your tone and message are maintained and carried across networks. The aim is to place your content at the centre of the conversation as a reliable reference for anyone with questions or concerns about any aspect of your campaign. Content that can provide answers or solutions to people’s problems will establish connections and build trust with supporters.

Campaigns must also create a space which encourages and helps supporters to tell their own stories and to describe, in their own words, what motivates them to support your campaign. Authentic messages from supporters to their networks can have a much greater impact and create more meaningful connections.

Organisations should look for opportunities to strengthen and leverage support. Are other stakeholder groups or individuals creating content similar in message and tone to yours? If so, identify opportunities to collaborate or cross-post content on your social channels. This can be useful when resources are limited or to ensure that your objectives are not competing.