What are your aims and objectives?

Before you share your first post, step back and look at the bigger picture. What are the tangible aims and objectives of your digital campaign? You may wish to organise and mobilise supporters, engage new audiences, fundraise, or recruit new volunteers – or maybe all of the above.

Whatever your aims and objectives might be, it is important to concretely identify and prioritise them. Being clear and concise on what you are trying to achieve will inform your digital strategy and the resources you’ll need to execute it.

Here are some aims and objectives to consider when designing your digital strategy:

  • Provide compelling content
  • Promote, develop and facilitate positive discussion online
  • Consistently promote key messages and activities
  • Actively address and clarify misinformation about your campaign
  • Build and protect your campaign’s reputation on digital platforms
  • Help moderate online discussions appropriately
  • Ensure your campaign provides an official voice online
  • Create an online network of campaign supporters
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders
  • Respond and engage in an efficient, appropriate and timely manner
  • Create a space online where people can ask questions and address concerns.