We want to help campaigners, activists and nonprofit organisations to design and implement effective digital strategies for achieving progressive social change.

When you’re campaigning for change, social media enables you to communicate with audiences, cultivate relationships and convert observers to supporters. It allows you to reach and connect with people across geographies and demographics. It can help you build, organise and mobilise your support base. It enables and encourages meaningful engagement. It empowers people to take action.

We hope that FORACHANGE can ease the learning curve for future campaigners and activists who wish to use digital and social media in the fight for a more progressive, fair and equal society.

Who’s behind FORACHANGE?

                                               craig dwyer linkedin

Craig Dwyer is an experienced digital campaigns specialist, with extensive experience of using new methods of communication to effect change, working with campaigning NGOs, media and commercial entities. . He was the Social Media Director for Yes Equality during the Irish marriage equality referendum in 2015 and travelled to Australia in 2017 to work on their marriage equality campaign. Craig is also a part-lecturer lecturer at Dublin City University, teaching on the MSc in Public Relations and Strategic Communications.

FORACHANGE was named as one of the Sunday Business Post ‘100 HOT Start-ups’ of 2018 and in 2019, Craig was shortlisted for the Clarence B. Jones Impact Award, an international award which celebrates strategic communications for social change.

Craig developed FORACHANGE as part of his fellowship with The Social Change Initiative.

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